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Monday, April 2nd, 2007
12:52 pm
Happy April Fools Day!
happy fools day to everyone!.
Just want to say if your my friend and i see you today.. trust me I will prank you, because thast just how I am.
Monday, March 26th, 2007
8:35 pm
sunday pyros!
Well this Sunday was probably the best Sunday of my life!
I woke up at 6:30 and went to church with Chelsea. Which was alot of fun then we went to Platos closet which is actually really cool. Alot of cute clothes, then we went to target. I got home about 3 and for 2 hours I talked to Sam on AIM-mcrlover941(if yas wana add me).
Rachel called me and was like what are you up to and I said nothing so we walked up to DQ and I paied for her because she paid for me last time. Really Fun! Charles gave me extra brownies in my brownie batter blizzard! Thanks Charles.
Then on our way walking back we see a plastic toy in the ground and so Rachel and I got this great idea to burn it! So much fun and we had a great time, then Sean said "ya know burning plastic gives birth defects!"
Im like thanks for telling me now!
but O. well im not pregnant nor do I plan to be in the near future... So I dont know, bored and usualy. But had a great time. But kids dont burn plastic at home without an adults supervision!
good night.
Friday, March 23rd, 2007
12:24 pm
cell phone
is gone.
going to miss you phoney!
dont worry I'll come back for you soon.
dont forget me! lol
but everyone who reads my blogs.. wel my phone is being taken away from me. no details needed.
home alone on a school day.
wanting to go to track practice with chelsea.
miss my boy.
I hope he calls me today, no doubt we will.
Friends are getting hardrer, there fights that I am being pulled into.
im an officialy Avril Lavigne junkey.
just go lok at my Myspace page to figure that out.
going to bed.
dont feel very well.
Monday, March 19th, 2007
7:50 pm
Okay. I am bored so im posting a blog.
Haven't done much this weekend. Fri. went to girl scouts watched Leprachaun. Very good I liked it, so thats part of my new MS headline. Went to bed about 3 and slept the rest of the day. Sat. Wanted to go spend the night at chelsea's but couldnt, instead Ashley came over and we went to school store to get some stuff on an astrology project dur in Apr. The we headed out to the Greene and shopped around got a new book called "teach me" about a student and teacher relationship. very good almost done.
then we went baby sitting at tom and Hiliary's to sit Harper. She's so adorable. Went to bed early and then hiliary woke us up when they got home at 3. Sun. went to church and have been talking and sleep and on the comp. all day.

Want for school to come tomorrow. for the first time i'm actually excited to go to school.
Saturday, March 17th, 2007
6:22 am
school work
school is getting better. All of my brades are up!
soc st.-B
Math-D(but took a lest today that I think I did really good on so we'll see)
cre. wrt.-(not too sure)
gym-A(of course)

so all I ahve to do is get my D up and i'll be out of trouble keep all my grades up and mabey a tat(that IS what mommy said too)!

My week was good up until Wed. I got into a hugh fight with matt and we didnt talk yesterday which tore me apart because that kid always calls me no matter what! so I just had to call him today and tell him I was sorry for my part and he apologized for his. I can tell this boy anything! but things between us are still not quite right so I might call him later again and have a little chat.

Track started Wed. too. YAY! but OMJ! (oh my Jew) are my bones, muscles, and everything else just killing me! I hope it gets better because I really want to get on the track, insteasd of running up and down 3 flights of stairs for ever! I seriously thought I was goign to pass out. So Diane and I also started skating again, yes I love it very much but it to wayy to cold out here today so no skating.

All friendships are in check, except me and Ashley are in a lilttle predicament at the moment but should be resolved my Mon.
The funny part is Rachel keeps calling me and about three months ago she was the one who told to never call her or talk to her again and that was the end of our friend ship. I did that and ... she couldnt handle being away from me. So, we hang out now.
I was so happy Mon. Rachel brought Mikey over to my house. I haven't seen that kid in months and oh boy is he a cutie!lol rachel was high on mountain dew and pixie stix so that was funny.

so thats all I have to say, going to G.S nightover.
should be fun? im sort of getting bored of it but chelsea wants to switch troops so if she stays in and comes over here im for sure staying in. ahve to ask susie about it tonight!

over and out.
CiCi(nick name)
Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
12:27 pm
district.. but not state
well the groups NHD project made it to district but not state,**tear** we were actually really wanting to go.

Well still havent done anything cool lately. having boy trouble... .Stil need major tutoring in math but I hate asking for help! If I want it i'll ask if not stay out of my damn business.. but I know im just a kid, so I have no say in that. most of my grades are more or less fairly good. but if I want to do soccer I have to keep it up to a C average! arg!

Well Fri. Ashley, me, and Chelsea went to go see Stop the Yard mine and chelsea's second time. I love chris brown! He is sexii!!! And at frist we though some lil' kid spilt his skittles all over the ground and it was actually him throwing up!! I was so0o freaking pissed! it ruined the whole movie and smelled horrible and not even a damn refund!! how sick! Well NHD district competition was today, we did not make it, but had a great time anyways!We promised ourselves we will do better next year.

I cant wait till spring break just the end of this month and 2 weeks of no school.
Mom is seriously getting on my last effing nerve! Almost went to juvi.. but decided against it. thank the Almighty Lord.lol

Wanting to go to the movies to see either freedom writers with ash and chelsea but cant. or Amazing Grace with them for 20 bonus pts. in Soc St. but still cant.. do you see any pattern here? not much fun in my neck of the woods! Well going to go! buh byes!
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
1:35 pm
im a social blogger
You Are a Social Blogger!

Your blog is more of a semi-private affair for your friends.
It's how you keep in touch... sharing stories, jokes, and pics.
1:30 pm
okay really havent been on in a long time! I've mostley been doing stuff on myspace.. but I will try once a week to update me account!
Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
8:41 pm
happy thanksgiving!
Be thankful! this is the only day of the year we can eat like rich people!!! love ya!
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
6:45 am
Went to the greene tonight to see Happy Feet with Rachel. Saw my friend Nathan who I havent seen since the school festival,adn I saw taylor moore but we still keep in touch. It was funny though cuz Nathan went to the movie with these girls and his friend and when the movie was over( i was thinking they were going out) but they al gave eachother high fives! so right after the girls left I ran over to Nathan and gave him a hug. Those girls were sooo mad, but oh well ive known him longer! Happy Feet was the best, got to get it. At school we watched the patriot in Soc. St. it was the bomb, i loved it! I ma also getting that for xmas! Not is happening alot. We have a HUGE Soc. St. History Day project due in Feb. so I have to get started on that.:p lol. thats not me now is it??? Well my life is officially not that interesting. There is nothing to talk abot. ummm oh yea this is funny. my friend keionna, her boyfriend is bi-curious! but I think it's mean cuz everyone makes fun of him, for nothing! but I also think she shouldnt go out with him cuz every girl he goes up to her just has to kiss her.WTF? ok well comment me and stuff or call me if your want to hang out cuz m bored even though it's 11 at night! ttyl cassi

Current Mood: crazy
Saturday, November 11th, 2006
5:10 pm
**new hole**
ok for my birthday tomorrow my mom took me out to monkey bones and i got my cartilage pierced! im very happy, but it kinda hurts from the needle, because it wasn't a gun like they use at claires or the icing it was a hollow needle and i regular big needle. My family came over today to celebrate my b-day. i got 45$ and 4 t shirts 1 nightmare before christmas shirt and sweatshirt,and some farie stuff. then richard called me and we went to the greene with him and his mom. i had a good time. We went into lids and books &co. and some wher else i cant think of. tomorrow im going to TSO concert, and go over to richards house to help install pic onto their MS. well im tired so im gona go byes!

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
1:22 pm
well first things first! i finally uploaded a userpic now that i kno how to do it yay go me! well stivers has been a blast so far. i love it, sorry ICS friends but it's better than my old school. the only exciting thing today is that i finally got my locker. it locker 657, and it's on the 2nd floor. the only reason i dont like it is that the 2nd floor is for H.S kids and i feel like im going to get stepped on. lol. well my teachers are still nice. homework is good. not alot yet, but we do have two projects coming in soon. well tonight is halloween im not that excited cuz im not going out and pribably not dressing up. oh well mabey next year. got to go byes!
Friday, September 22nd, 2006
3:24 pm
x fest!!
i went crowd surfing!! it was soo much fun i had a great time! sun i spent the might at rachels didnt do much her dad had a heart attack at like 2 in the morning and so me rach and bruce(step bro) stayed up all night cleaning the house. on sun. i went to x fest with ashley gto to met all the bands except Avenged!!A7X!! man wish i had. got a bad sun burn which i still have a lil' bit on my nose. sean and diane took me home from x fest. sean gave me beads and a FOB sticker. love them!didnt do alot this week went to beauty and the beast on thurs. at schuster, with diane and had a blast! dont know what my plans for the weekend are so far. all i know is tomorrow soccer game and might go to haunted houses with sean and diane on sat.Definately hanging with rachel on sun. Oh i almost forgot i got an A on a two math tests. and a 100% on a soc.st. test so im on a roll. just got to get my book report done by the 29th! so im going to go get started!

Current Mood: giggly
Friday, September 15th, 2006
5:11 pm
hey this is my "quick but sure update" for the week nothing interesting happened to me today! im really bored its 5 and just got back from TB. my weekend plans are to mow tonight.(fri.) spend the night at rachels tomorrow. while babysitting richard's lil sister maddie. and going to lohrey tomorow too. also my early ass game sorry for the lang! but 10 in the morning!! sunday.. not much im going to X-fest with ashley trying to get sean and diane tickets but so far no luck! *tear* im supposed to get t shirts signed by the bands for some frinds! and those are my boring but crucial plans for the weekend!
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
7:25 am
first real kiss!!
last night on sept. 12 i have started going out with richard robinson! i also got my first real kiss. i call it real cuz when i was like 4 i kissed daniel( the annoying boy)but now i am older and more responsible. i have told my mom she donesn't care. except when i said "going out" she was all like "where are you going" and going out to me jus means that your boy friend and girlfrind. rachel is very mad at me but ahe has had her two chances to try and kiss richard, has she ever thought that not every one likes her?? i dont think she has!i hope i go out with richard for a while!! got to go to school bye
Friday, September 8th, 2006
7:39 pm
ok every one i have some HUGE NEWS!! ok well as i have told you i have tried out for stivers school, this is my secound time trying out! and it has been a week. the office lady called my mom today at work and told her that i got in!! both of my magnets actuately! creative writing- i loved my story! so did the editors i was shy 3 points of a perfect score! wow ! i couldn't believe it. i am making a promise right here, that i am going to stick with my prompt writing with Diane.
now on to my theater. I also got in for that the ladies critiquing me loved my performance! the school wants me there as soon as possible. so i am going bac the monday they get back from their break. which is very exciting. i am very scared but i am very hopeful1 wish me luck at my new school!

Current Mood: excited
Monday, August 28th, 2006
8:32 pm
ok today is monday. what a surprise since it comes after sunday. ok this weekend i went camping. my frind katy got really sick so she went home at 5:30 in the morning which she also got me up, to go outside with her cuz no one else would get up. didnt do alot then.
on sun. i got home. i IM dianne talked to her then she invited me to go eat japanese with then of the mall.(i ate all of it) when i got home. i do like it a little bit more now than before. after when we got back diane and i took a nap, and i think sean worked on his car.i took a nap then i went swimming with sena and rachel. sean bought me these cool earings and i love them.
school was ok i think my book bag weighs more than i do though, and today we had a soccer game we tire 3 all it was tough. 3 of our girls got hurt maria( funny story), abby badly twisted ankel,a nd cassey who is our goalie . she got smahed in the face with the ball and full speed and cleeted in the face while she was already down. not even a yellow card. the only sad thing was is that the other team had no subs and we had 7 but tied! that made me a lil upset. i think we tried our hardest though!! ok got to go bye.

Current Mood: awake
Friday, August 25th, 2006
3:38 pm
school week
my frist school week sucked there are too many things to count. i went to taco hell(death) on fri. with friends that was fun, but had to walk home by myself*tear* i did call rach and talk to her tho. i dont have a lot to say goin to camp at 5 so gotta go get packin. plus im not in much of a writing mood today..
Sunday, August 20th, 2006
10:53 pm
What's your favorite....
Beverage (non-alc) ?pepsi
Beverage (alc) ?smithwicks
Color ?blue
Food ?pizza
Item of clothing ?bra
Meal of the day ?breakfast
Feature on yourself ?eyes
Quality in a guy/girl ?hari-good looks
Phrase ?ffreal
Song ?shoulder lean
Musical Artist/Band ?avenged sevenfold
Sport ?soccer
Movie ?nightmare before christmas
TV Show ?csi
Radio Station ?102.9
Type of Chocolate ?dark!!
Eye Color ?blue
Do you/Have you ever....
Have any pets ?yep
Smoke ?nope
Drink ?didnt lyk it
Have any piercings ?yea 5
Have any tatoos ?i wish
Cheat on a boyfriend/girlfrienddepends
Had sex ?nope
Gone streaking ?lol no
Gone skinny dipping ?yea
Been to Europe ?nope
Been to an island ?yea the gulf key
Had stitches ?yea
Broken any bones ?fracture
Been stabbed/shot ?no
Slept until after 12:00 ?yea
Stayed up all night ?lyk 2ice itz hard
Danced like a whore ?yea bad idea
Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ?no
Turned down a dare ?deffinately
Which friend....
Is the funniest ?danny
Is the prettiest ?mandi
Is the most handsom ?oh gosh brad lol
Is the loudest ?maddie
Is the craziest ?shelley lol
Is the most shy ?becca
Is the most loving ?danny
Is the most understanding ?rachel
Is the most boring ?.........
Is the richest ?...........
Is the most athletic ?maria
Is the most cocky ?.......
Is the biggest sex icon ?taylor moore but shes not my friend
Is the most wordly/cultured ???
Do you look up to the most ?hayley
Do you tell everything to ?rachel
Has the best clothes ?....
Has the best house ?...
Would you ever....
Eat pizza with chocolate chips ?no
Kiss someone of the same sex ?yea
Cheat on someone you love ?no
Run away from home ?yea
Lie to your parents ?yea
Lie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ?depends
Lie to your best friend ?nooo
Give a homeless person money ?sure
Run from the police ? mean po po suck
Bungee jump ?yea
Sky dive ?yea
Cross dress ?hellz no
Be an exotic dancer ?naww
Walk out of a restaurant without paying ?done it
Scuba dive ?done it
Go rock climbing ?dont it
Go spulunking (caving) ??? yea.. no
What do you think of when you hear....
Eminem ?rap
Bologna ?nasty
Hott ?sexi
Orange ?red
Real world ?fake
Fuck ?er.. sex
Jack ?the ripper and his whores- and jack skellington
Cucumber ?melon
Hip-Hop ?boring
Uniform ?gotta wear it
UniCORN ! ?pretty pretty
Rainbow ?colorful
Clown ?scary

Friday, August 18th, 2006
9:42 am
Convo Castrophe
Last night Iwas talking to Brad on the phone, and I heard mom by my door so i swung the dooropen and she was STANDING right there!!!! OH MY GOSH!! She made ne soo mad last night i didn't call brad back, and went to bed at 11. Now that i think about it i can't say that i balme her, but it's not like im going to run off and have sex with him. that's the thing that made me mad. the festival is today and so i hope this doesn't ruin the moment.ok well i dont have a lot to say so i'll write after the festival. <3

Current Mood: moody
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